Wisconsin's Oldest Bookstore

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Saturday, Dec 05, 2015 from 1:00-3:00 stop in at Janke Bookstore in Downtown Wausau to meet author Mark Weissman. He is the Author of Brainsurgeon, Wings on an Angel, and Clouds on a Ghost

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Silver Winner Benjamin Franklin Award, children's picture book. Sturdy hard cover 8 x 11 destined to be a keepsake. Timeless story for grandparents and parents who love to read to their children.

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Dead RapunzelBy Victoria Houston

It's the dead of winter in Loon Lake when a wealthy widow is run down and killed by a logging truck on an icy street. The truck driver insists he saw a man shove the woman into the path of his truck. A lone witness who may have seen the man who shoved the victim is soon found dead--drowned in icy waters where he was ice fishing. Within hours...